How to Find Your Balance Wheel

This week I was out having a coconut milk tumeric latté (standard!) with a new friend and she was asking me what sort of things I do each week to give my days more structure. I was telling her how I have a bunch of activities I love to do, including yoga, reformer pilates and pottery. I was explaining that having different outlets for exercising and being creative has totally changed my life! 

We were talking about how amazing having even just a few hobbies and making sure we add in time for exercise and creativity can totally transform our days and have such great benefits on our mental health. 

It reminded me of this concept of a 'balance wheel,' and the importance of creating a well-rounded life. Our lives are made up of a lot of different areas and sometimes we forget that each one can make a big difference to our happiness. Maybe you don't always feel like one area can make such a huge and positive impact on your mental and physical well-being, but I really think that collectively, these aspects help us to be our best selves.

It's all about taking on a holistic approach to living well and making sure we focus on each aspect that makes up our beautiful life!

Love, Jess x

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