Five Ways to be More of a Warrior and Less of a Worrier

Do you ever find yourself falling into negative thought patterns and worrying about the future? I hear a lot of people talking about this concept of 'monkey mind' where we loose control of our thoughts and our mind seems to go off on it's own little journey into a dark cave and cause us an unnecessary amount of anxiety and stress.

It's easy to loose touch with logic and feel quite emotional about different hypothetical situations. The trick is to identify the thoughts and then take action in a way that works for you.

Here are five ways to be more of a warrior and less of a worrier:

1. Focus on the facts (the socratic thinking method)

What are the truths vs hypothetical worries? Make a list of all the thoughts running through your head and notice which ones are grounded in facts. Then, cross off the rest of the list and pay attention to these.

2. Strike a confidence pose 

Stand in the mirror, place your hands on your hips and puff up your chest. Then say to yourself ‘YES!’ The act of saying ‘yes’ creates a positive and action focused mindset which makes you feel empowered!

3. Bring yourself back to the present moment 

Practice mindfulness and focus on the sounds furthest away and then closest to you, wriggle your fingers and toes, or bring your awareness to your physical surroundings by noticing what you can see around the room and outside the window. 

4. Write morning pages and do a brain dump

Starting your mornings off by putting all your thoughts onto paper means you’re less likely to carry your worries into your day.

5. Tell yourself empowering thoughts

One of my go-to statements I tell myself when I start to feel overwhelmed by life's ups and downs is, 'I have phenomenal coping skills.' This statement is incredibly empowering and also helps to frame the situation or challenge as much more manageable so that you don't get so caught up in feeling anxious or helpless. 


Try these out and see which ones work best for you! Remember to always be gentle with yourself and practice self compassion. Tell yourself you are doing the best you can and show yourself the self love you deserve. 


Love, Jess x

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