How to be Fearless!

I came across the quote, 'Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire,' and it got me thinking about the true meaning behind these words and what it looks like to live fearlessly. To me, I always took this idea of being fearless in the pursuit of what sets our soul on fire as; "just go after what you want and don't give up." 

I guess that to an extent, it does mean this, but this quote also acknowledges the challenges we inevitably end up facing when we go after something that is greater than our usual goals. 

Anything that sets your soul on fire is going to be much more than just a goal. It's fuelled by passion, a higher calling - a greater purpose to bring about a positive change (whatever that may look like to you). It's that "omg" moment when you let yourself be led by your heart and know that this is something that you need to follow. 

The challenge is, when we get these opportunities to pursue our passion and fulfil a purpose, it's not always as easy as just stepping into the light to shine. There might be obstacles, self limiting beliefs, or fears such as self doubt and judgement that try to stand in our way.

That's where being fearless comes in. You have have the awareness to let go of anything that's held you back up until this point. You absolutely cannot fly and conquer your dreams if you are tying yourself down by your own fears and anxieties. This is the hard part because we all have things that we've been holding onto for too long and deep down, we know we need to overcome our challenges and be willing to grow.

Here's just a few of my fears / obstacles / self limiting beliefs (i.e. unnecessary weights) I've been headstrong enough to face and overcome in the last few years: 
1. The need to be perfect 
2. Fear of being vulnerable
3. The bad habit of overworking and repeatedly getting burned out
4. Being too impatient and not trusting the timing of life
5. Fear of being judged 

Let me just say, you can't be on social media, film videos, write a book, run a business or genuinely connect with people around the world if you hold on to these kind of fears. It will actually drive you nuts! You also can't inspire and empower others to follow their dreams unless you are aligned with your own.

It definitely took time to overcome these fears but wow did I feel so much lighter when I let each one go... 
Think about what ignites your spark and also what might be holding you back that you need to let go of in order to live fearlessly.

Love, Jess x

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