How To Set Positive Goals for 2020!

I'm a BIG believer in the power of goal setting. It's so important to give our minds something positive to focus on to help us work towards our dream future - one that we're proud on and that's built on our core values.

Rather than go through the steps for setting effective goals, I wanted to focus on something else - something that can really impact your level of success and progress in creating your dream life! 

I've heard of the importance of setting positive goals, but what about ensuring you repeatedly tell yourself positive intentional statements too?

Even though I am a positive person and I often focus my attention on the things I want, I still catch myself from time to time thinking about things that I don't want. I think I'm thinking about the positive and inching closer to achieving my goals, when in fact I'm still latching onto a negative thought thats steering me off course! 

Here's an example: I have been really focused on being healthy and having loads of energy, because in the past I've struggled with my energy levels and felt lethargic from being under a lot of stress. The other morning I realised that I was making a fresh juice because I don't want to feel tired and it's meant to help keep me healthy. Even though I have a whole list of sub goals (e.g. buy a juicer and have one fresh cold pressed juice a day) I'm essentially doing everything in my power to "cure" my fatigue and make sure it never comes back... My thoughts were actually still embracing the negative by reminding me that I DON'T want to feel tired and this should help keep me far away from feeling the fatigue I'm scared to experience again.

Once I picked up on this, I made an effort to say to myself "I love making fresh juices because I feel energized and my body loves it!"

The thing about goals is that it's really hard to create from a fear-based mindset. When we really want to achieve something and make a positive change to our life (eg. our physical or mental health, relationships with self and others, or financial success), we need to make sure our mind is on board, just as much as our to-do list!

In neuroplasticity, it's said that the more we think about something, the more we strengthen our connection to it. ie. What fires together, wires together! If you think a thought repeatedly, eventually it can be wired into your brain and becomes a belief. Therefore, it's important that you make a conscious effort to choose empowering thoughts that support the work you are doing in your personal life.

As you focus on the things you do want (more love, better health, beautiful friendships, etc.) and embrace any thoughts that relate to these (I look healthy! I slept great! I love my best friend! I am being kind to myself!), you will notice that you have progressively less thoughts about the things that you never want to experience ever again.

If you've already got a clear and well-thought out plan for how to achieve your goals step-by-step and have the necessary support in place, then you become unstoppable and your goals will manifest sooner.

Happy goal setting!


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