3 Ways Social Media Can Boost Your Mental Health

I came across a great quote recently that said, “Don’t use social media to impress people, use it to impact people.” – Dave Willis ⁣

I know that social media can be a petri dish for self comparison, and feelings of inadequacy but it's also filled with inspiring, comforting and relatable accounts that are making a positive impact on many people's lives. I strongly believe that it's not the platform that is the problem, but how we use it.

If you feel like social media is getting you down and effecting your mental health negatively, try the following 3 tips:

1. Don't be fooled. Social media is often a highlight reel so people tend to only show the best bits, although some accounts, (myself included!) try to give more of a well rounded angle to our lives and businesses. ⁣

2. Set limits. Don't let social media become your go-to activity. Install apps that keep track of your online usage or if you have an iPhone then make sure enable notifications from Screen Time. ⁣

3. Take a regular tech tox. I know a few people who clock off from insta after a certain time each day or don’t use social media at least one day a week. ⁣Try to set boundaries when you are out with friends or having family time too. If you're out for dinner, the movies or a walk, keep your phone out of sight!

⁣And most importantly, remember that you are absolutely amazing and you don't need to filter any part of your life ever!


Love, Jess x⁣

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