How to enjoy the journey and not just the end point


Recently, my husband Adam and I spent a few nights in the country and enjoyed a little getaway.

We drove up to Sassafras where there are lots of cute little cafes and some incredible nature walks. I'm not really one for going on serious hikes but I do love getting outdoors.

We went on a different nature walk each day and every walk ended up being so different. At times, we felt like we were in a rain forest, and then the following day we'd drive no more than 15 minutes further out and end up feeling like we were in the middle of the bush, surrounded by laughing kookaburras - they're my absolute favourite animal and good luck omen!

We'd get to the start of a walking track, randomly pick to head left or right, then just see where the path would lead us. We found ourselves a couple of times at a few dead ends and had to turn back, but it was really nice to just go with the flow and see what was down one path vs another.

We spotted so many beautiful birds, some wombat tracks and the oldest, biggest and tallest trees that were covered in deep green moss and growing little fairy-like mushrooms around the base of their trunk. We'd turn one corner and find the sun's rays would be flooding in from between the old gumtrees and it looked like the most picturesque and magical moment - they don't make filters on instagram like these! #NoFilter

The best part about these nature walks was enjoying the journey and not caring about where we were actually going. We didn't aim to reach a certain destination. We just wanted to enjoy the walk, even if there was no mountain, waterfall or temple to take photos of at the end of it.

I think this is a really important approach to apply in our own lives too. It's not always about acquiring something or achieving a goal. The journey is almost always more important and can teach us a lot more!

Lots of love x

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