My 2019 Inventory Checklist

Can you believe that we’re already nearing the end of 2019? Time has absolutely flown by - I guess starting a new business while juggling life makes every day feel even shorter...

Below is a beautiful exercise to help you take stock of all the different areas of your life and notice how things are going as we get ready to finish up another big year.

Read the thought starters and see what comes up for you. What sort of changes do you need to make to ensure you stay on track for the coming months and can be content with how you made use of this year?⁣

An emotional inventory:

Who do you need to forgive?

What feelings need to be expressed or acknowledged?


A mental inventory:

Are there any self-limiting thoughts you’ve been having lately?

How could you speak more encouragingly to yourself?


A relationship inventory:

Who in your life energises and supports you?

Are there any relationships that are draining your energy?


A health and wellness inventory:

If your body could talk to you, what might it try to tell you?


A financial inventory:

Look over your monthly expenses carefully. Where could you save?


A career inventory:

Is what you are doing aligned with your values?

Is your work draining you or energising you?


A creativity inventory:

How can you prioritise time for hobbies and creativity?

Is there something you’d like to try and haven’t made time for yet?


An organization inventory:

Are there any areas of your life that need de-cluttering?


An unfinished business inventory:

Do you have any loose ends that need tying up? What commitments do you still need to follow through on?


...I just poured myself a cup of tea and set aside some time this afternoon to complete this personal inventory exercise and hope you do the same!  ⁣

Love, Jess x

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