The Power of Love Letters

I recently had the most freeing conversation and was talking to someone about how our inner critic can blind us of our accomplishments and even how wonderful of a person we are (work achievements aside). Despite all the work I have done on myself, and the countless self help books I’ve read, I realised that sometimes there’s still a little glimpse of unresolved self criticism and judgement that we need to acknowledge.

So... I decided to write my inner critic (for me, it was my younger self) a letter.

I believe that small actions can have incredibly powerful effects on our life. When we write a letter to ourselves, we’re actually sending out a strong message and reaffirming what we are willing to accept and take on and also what we are choosing to let go of.

I took some time to think of all my personal and work achievements, reflect on the traits I value most about myself, and just how much I’ve grown over the last few years.

At first, I thought of burning it as a sign of letting go of the past and this limiting mindset but instead, I pulled out a beautiful rose gold frame and framed it on my desk to remind myself (and that inner critic) that I am enough, always.

Then I made a special affirmation card for my vision board so I always remember to be proud of who I am, what I’ve done and how far I’ve come.

When I was younger, I always felt the need to be more, do more, work harder and achieve more. I know I’m certainly not alone in this!

I love the act of writing ourselves letters because it’s such an empowering and freeing thing that can have a profound and long lasting impact on our lives and the way we see ourselves.

This is what inspired me to include the ‘I am enough’ love letters in all of the Self Love gift boxes.

If ever you feel like you’re not enough, I strongly recommend giving this a go. Then frame it, pin it to your vision board or keep it in a safe place.


Love, Jess x


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