How to manifest with vision boards!

Your mind is an incredibly powerful tool. I’ve been continually blown away by how much our mindset can lead to a completely different outcome and what can happen when we let go or finally overcome our fears and anything that’s been holding us back from fully enjoying and thriving in our day to day lives.

What you think, you create, and that’s why I’m a big believer in the saying, ‘where attention goes, energy flows.’ 

The more we focus on what we want and filter out all the negative thoughts of what we don’t want, we begin to build a life that mirrors our values and desires. Maybe you believe in the power of manifestation or maybe you prefer to take on a practical approach and believe that looking at and repeatedly thinking about your goals increases your likelihood of achieving them? 

I also used to fill my vision board with images of everything I wanted and sometimes it would just reinforce everything I didn’t yet have. The thing is, when I look at my vision board now and think about the law of attraction, I realise that you can’t create anything positive from a scarcity mindset. ⁣

Instead, I no longer think ‘I want this.’ Instead, I say to myself ‘I am so grateful for this and I am going to bring more of it into my life.’  For example, I already have friends, quality time with my husband Adam, peace, health, and creative outlets but I want to bring more opportunities for these to come into my daily life. I already have a career I love and one that lets me write, film, create and inspire but I want to continue to build on new ways of connecting with others and sharing my gifts. I appreciate everything I already have and so I have started to see even more of it in my life.  ⁣

I just think it’s so important to appreciate and focus on everything you already have, so that you can continue to build more of these things in your life. My vision board helps me get clear on what I value most, keep my priorities in order, help me focus on my goals and feel inspired and have faith in all of my experiences.

I highly recommend setting aside an afternoon, scrolling through Pinterest and printing our beautiful and inspiring pictures and quotes to add to your own vision board. Pop on a happy Spotify playlist, make a cup of herbal tea and have fun!


Love, Jess x 

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