Our Story

I used to think that self love was all about running a luxurious bath, doing a face mask and having a little mani pedi spa day. Actually, the concept of self love and self compassion was really foreign to me until my mid twenties when I was finding myself repeatedly having anxiety and noticing just how strong my inner critic was!

I've been embarking on my self love journey for a few a while now and learning what it truly means to love oneself. This is what inspired me to create the Self Love Club, along with these beautiful and consciously curated gift boxes.

Self Love Club is more than just a club; it’s a movement! It's a way to guide you on how to practice a more self compassionate, fulfilling and intentional life - the life you were born to live.

Self love is a daily and lifelong practice of getting to know and accept ourselves (the good, the bad, the ugly) and being able to sit with it all. It’s prioritising your own needs so you can pour from an overflowing cup. It’s the act of setting healthy boundaries and respecting yourself.

It empowers and frees us, because when you truly love yourself each and every day, you know deep down that you are enough. It acts as an armour, shielding you from self-doubt and criticism and nurtures your soul in every way possible. 

With love,


- Jessica Holsman, founder of Self Love Club Gift Boxes