Corporate Gifting

Interested in corporate gifting?

Together, we can create a range of customised gift boxes suited to corporate gifting and events that are unlike any corporate gifts your clients have come across.

Our gift boxes have a focus on health, wellness and self love and are designed with the intention to empower and inspire.

Self love is the most empowering, freeing and nurturing act, because when you truly love yourself, you know deep down that you are enough. You begin to take chances, live boldly and embrace your authenticity.

By gifting your clients or employees with a customised Self Love Club gift box, they'll be receiving a transformational experience.


Ask us how we can create beautiful and customised boxes just for your business.

Please keep in mind we do have a minimum order of 20 for all corporate standard and custom curated gift boxes. For all corporate gift box enquiries, please fill out the form on our contact us page and we will be happy to work closely with you to create a customised gift box that's perfect for your occasion!